Photofit is an app that you can feel free to resize large image files or photos you have taken.
    Communication to be effective when you send an image to the other party (Garake) feature phones and send in an unstable environment.
    Some features are limited, ads will appear in the free version.
    (Location information is specification for display ads)
    / / / / / Usage / / / / /
    Set the "maximum length of either the vertical and horizontal" let the flexibly (1) Photofit.
    We run a share in the gallery and select the image you want to (2) resize.
    Select "Photofit" app to share (3).
    Images (4) photofit folder is automatically created in the gallery, is resized in it contains the
    / / / / / Function that is useful / / / / / /
    Display function (1) Quick
    When you select the "Show Images" in "at the time of operation, tap the notification area" and click the icon that is displayed in the notification area after resizing, you can display an image that has been resized.
    Sharing function (2) Quick
    When you select the "Share" image "at the time of operation, tap the notification area", can easily send email and Twitter, and facebook images that have been resized.
    Call function (3) Quick resize
    After your application to send images SP mode mail and Gmail, such as Twitter, were selected Photofit Pro when you send an image, select an image in the gallery, it is resized to the size that has been set, the image will be sent.
    You can resize up to 100 sheets at a time.
    Tested environment
    Android 2.2 or higher
    Tested terminal
    hTc J (ISW13HT)
    GALAXY S (SC-02B)
    GALAXY Note (SC-05D)
    Nexus 7

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