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Pimlical Advanced Calendar/PIM

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Pimlical is an advanced successor to the very popular Palm Calendar application, DateBk, used by millions of Palm and Handspring users that now runs on Android Devices. Manages Events, Tasks, Memos and Contacts.

There is a matching desktop PIM application for Windows-based PC's and data can be synced back and forth with Pimlico's DirectSync, as well as through Google Calendar see Pimlico Website at www.PimlicoSoftware.com.

In addition to providing all the conventional calendar functionality, Pimlical has a wealth of features for the power user not present in any other calendar application on any platform. If you are looking for a "cute" and "pretty" calendar, you should look elsewhere, as this program is designed for users who need not only vastly more functionality in a calendar application, but also far more preference settings so it can be truly customized for their use. The relatively few negative reviews of this application are typically posted by users who were just looking for something that was pretty rather than super-functional (and of course it takes some study to even begin to learn all the things that it can do).

Features include

* Quick Entry Templates
* Down-counting Reminders
* Floating Events, as well as tasks
* Custom icons, fonts and colors
* Full repeat support including irregular repeats
* Filters to control all aspects of event display
* Multiple calendar, category and group support
* Automatic backup, iCalendar Import/Export
* Link events to contacts, find all events linked to contact
* Undelete
* Voice entry of appts and optional, spoken alarms
* List of upcoming alarms shows all future alarms that are scheduled
* Daily Journal: automatic date/time stamping
* On-line manual
* Locates and Displays all separate instances of a repeat, including irregular repeats
* Snooze and Alarm management (snooze to start/end of appt as well as from now)
* Day, Day+, Week, Week+, Month, Month+ and List Views
* Dynamic resizing of font display with up/down strokes
* 450+ Preference Settings control all display aspects
* Fast entry of dates and times, 2 Date Pickers, 3 Time Pickers to choose from
* Full Timezone handling
* Advanced Find function
* iCalendar import and export
* Full local contacts support including vCard Import/Export
* Full local memo support using standard text files
* Events, tasks, contacts and memos all sync to matching Desktop application
* Separate widget available shows upcoming events, alarms, free time with a dynamic, resizable display and full control via P/A Filter to determine which events are shown in the widget.
* Supports both native Android calendar and secure (bypassing Cloud) local calendar on SD card that can sync to desktop version via DirectSync
* An active forum on Yahoo Groups populated with other Power Users interested in advancing the functionality of this application.

Pimlical/Android is definitely a PIM for power users and not for the occasional-use novice. The focus of the application is directed towards efficiency and functionality, and for the author, CESD, this is a continual work-in-progress as new functionality is added on a regular basis.

If you encounter issues on installing Pimlical/Android, first check out the FAQ’s on the TechSupport tab of www.pimlicosoftware.com or go to the support forum at: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Pimlical

Best of all, all the profits go to the benefit of Wildlife Conservation, as CESD also manages the only private AZA-certified facility in the world for Gorillas (yes, gorillas! – see www.dewarwildlife.org).

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Recently changed in this version

2.3.51 Fixes issue with color schemes in local calendar with some combinations of preference settings.
Fixes issue of list of DirectSync IP addresses containing the Android device's IP address
Fixes issue of MaximumBackupFrequency Preference not properly saving its value.

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Comments and ratings for Pimlical Advanced Calendar/PIM
  • (48 stars)

    by Stephen Moore on 13/08/2014

    While I won't give it 5 stars, because it's not perfect (what is), clearly those who rate PimlicalA low are few & far between. There's more than one aspect that raises PimlicalA heads-and-shoulders above the rest, but I'll just mention one: customizability (if that's a real word). I can tweak just about every aspect of each entry to be exactly the way I want it. The displays of the competators are

  • (48 stars)

    by O' Peters on 12/08/2014

    Selling the useless widget separately

  • (48 stars)

    by Chun Wong on 11/08/2014

    Takes a bit of learning to know the app but well worth it. Get the widget as well. The two work like hands and gloves.

  • (48 stars)

    by Jennifer McGaffey on 07/08/2014

    I've been using this (or its relative) since I was on the Palm. The most flexible, clear, simply useful calendar I've ever found. It's got a lot of functions and options - takes a while to adjust it to your preferences - but then it takes no thought because it just works the way you expect. Sync to Android calendar or direct to your comp, multiple calendars clearly displayed, NEW different alarms

  • (48 stars)

    by Marky Mark Whalleyed on 03/07/2014

    This is a decent app because all the available settings. With all the settings available the alarm only has two (2) that you get to choose from: the alert alarm which is annoying and stops everything or nothing at all. Why no "status bar notification" choice?.. sigh.....

  • (48 stars)

    by Melanie Lewert on 14/06/2014

    I love the features of this calendar program and have been using it since the Palm days, BUT it's extremely annoying that every update (and that's multiple times a month) it loses all my default settings and I have to go back in and fix everything AGAIN. It's a very complex program and finding all my changes is both hard and time consuming.

  • (48 stars)

    by Thomas Lavery on 10/06/2014

    Had every version of Datebook and missed how functional this is. Thanks