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Use Pitch Gauge© to calculate the total size and slope of any roof. It includes two digital slope finders and a square calculator. Find slope without ever leaving the ground using camera-mode. Then, take a picture with the pitch reading and current address stamped onto it, and attach it to an email for your own or the insurance company’s documentation.


Address Stamp
• Include your current address (job site address) on photos taken in camera-mode.
• *Note: We do not store address information.

• Use this digital pitch finder to find roof slope/steepness without ever leaving the ground.
• Documentation – take pictures with (or without) slope reading embedded, then email.

• Use this digital pitch finder to find roof slope/steepness by laying your device directly against the roof or soffit.
• Calibrate your slope finder to maintain accuracy at all times.

Square Calculator
• Input length, width, pitch, and cut level (complexity) of the roof to find total number of squares (size).
• Add multiple sections for more complex roofs using the “+.”

• Choose standard (U.S. Customary Units/Imperial) or metric units of measure.

How to use Pitch Gauge®: https://speakerdeck.com/u/pitchgauge
Pitch Gauge® Promotional Video: http://youtu.be/lmao40eWOTg
Pitch Gauge® Introductory Video: http://youtu.be/SN3bXMxas3c

*Please contact us if you want to purchase/license a customized version of Pitch Gauge® bearing your company name & logo (minimum purchase required). Email Support@ProlificMethods.com

Feel free to contact us for any reason by emailing Support@ProlificMethods.com

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