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An essential collection of the most used, and trusted Koi pond calculators from the original developer who first made them available on the Internet. Now these handy water garden calculators can go into the field with you, whether you are a pond owner, or a pond professional, these calculators are a must.

These Koi pond calculators were made possible by leading industry professionals, both in their contributions to the formulas, and to sponsorships.

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Koi Pond Planning Calculator:
Find your pond's volume and surface area.
This calculator will also make Liner Size and Pump Size suggestions. It will also give you a guideline as to your Ideal Stock level of fish.

Koi Pond Salinity Calculator:
Great for determining the amount of salt you wish to add to your pond, and if you are very clever, you can use this calculator for a hyper-accurate pond volume calculator.

Pump Cost Calculator:
To help you select the most efficient pump for your pond build, and to assist in planning your costs to maintain your pond.

TDH Calculator
Along with efficient pumps, now check your plumbing to ensure you have the optimal flow for your pond.

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