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Power Jotter turns your Android devices into a very powerful e-notepad.

Power Jotter not only allows you to jot notes and make sketches on your Android Phone/Tablet, you can even import PDF files to make annotation, insert multimedia contents into your notes or imported PDF documents!


Jotting & Sketching Tools (Annotating and Highlighting Tools for PDF):
- Millions of pen colors with alpha adjustment
- Eraser
- Scalable pen stroke width
- Built-in shapes: rectangle, circle/ellipse, dashed & solid horizontal lines
- Text box with million of font colors & alpha adjustment
- Supports horizontal & vertical two-finger pinches for horizontal & vertical resizing (text box, rectangle & ellipse)
- Tap & Hold to rotate text boxes
- Double tap to cancel inserted shapes & text boxes

Multipurpose Notepad:
- Built-in paper choices of: Single line paper in yellow or white, graph paper, math paper and clear white paper
- Import PDF documents for note taking or annotation
- Import photos/images for note taking or annotation

Multimedia Content:
- Insert images from photo gallery
- Combine multiple photos into different frames (like PicFrame, InstaPicFrame effects)
- Two-finger pinch to zoom inserted images
- Tap & Hold to rotate image
- Extract/clip/divide image by eraser
- Insert anchor to access video clips
- Insert anchor to access audio clips or voice memos
- Insert anchor to link to & access external websites
- Move anchor anywhere to associate video/sound clip to specific contents
- Rearrange anchor locations
- Intuitive Tap & Hold to access inserted multimedia clips & url
- Customizable anchor color to suit document style
- Double tap to delete inserted anchors

Easy Note Management:
- Thumbnail page for imported files
- Thumbnail preview for multi-page PDFs
- Tap & Hold to delete imported files
- Bookmark individual page of multiple page PDFs
- Quick access to bookmarked pages
- Bookmark highlights on thumbnail preview of multiple page PDFs
- Save editing for review and re-editing

PDF & Image Importing/Exporting^:
- Import PDF documents or image files for note taking or annotation
- Auto search for PDF and image files on device
- Export your notes as PDFs^ or images
- Naming imported PDFs and exported PDFs/images

With Power Jotter, your notes and PDF annotations are no longer centered around sketches & writings. By allowing you to insert audio/voice clips, video clips, URL links, photos that are associated with your note contents, you can actually work like supplementing an important voice memo or video recording with written notes of comments and sketches.

With a variety of note papers including single-line paper in white & yellow, graph paper, math paper and clear white paper, you will find Power Jotter handy & useful for most purposes, whether it's a quick memo, quick sketches, draft of figures and graphs or casual paper game. To make Power Jotter even more versatile, Power Jotter allows you to import images from gallery as your notepad paper too! You can thus at anytime, capture a napkin or a piece of newspaper with your Android device camera and use that photo immediately as an electronic notepad paper in Power Jotter!

In order to allow you to access a particular note as conveniently as possible, instead of showing your notes and imported pdf files as list of file names, Power Jotter allows you to browse your saved notes as thumbnail previews. To make it even more convenient for users who work on PDFs, thumbnail preview is also available on imported multiple page PDF files!

With its ability to handle multiple-page PDF files, you can even dedicate a notepad of, say, 40 blank pages (e.g. from the App "Notepads for PDF Editors") for each particular purpose or project - just like the way we used to do with real notepads in a much organized way.

^ Industry standard PDF importing/exporting server engine (requires internet connection) provides more stable and efficient file conversion.

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