Price Reminder (Price Book)



How many times have you walked into a shop and couldn't recall the price from another shop? Or couldn't remember the price you paid a few weeks ago?

Price Reminder combines the shopping list and price book app. Rather than just creating a shopping list, why not store the price aswell, so you can recall it at a later date. Storing price changes allows you to analyse shop pricing strategies, allowing you to purchase products when the price is at the lowest or give you an idea how the price has increased over time.

It is based on the crowdsourcing concept where prices entered by yourself are shared* with other users and vice versa.

• Store products and prices
• Analyse shop pricing strategy
• Shopping list basket
• Scan barcode
• Retrieve price data from other users
• Backup and restore data (Subscription)
• Search and filter products and shopping items (Subscription)
• Scroll to category (Subscription)
• Change currency / region (Subscription)

* Only products scanned with a barcode will be uploaded to the server and shared with other users. This means when other users upload a price with that barcode it is then shared with yourself.

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