Priority Note



Priority Note is an application that can create a note with simple way and you can arrange the priority easily.
Priority Note is a simple note app. It gives you a quick and simple note editing experience when you write notes, memo, shopping list and to do list.

With Priority Note you can organize your notes with priority number, mentions and hashtags.
Add a + number to organize your priority number [+1, +2, +3, ...]
Add a # character in front of a word to create #hashtags.
Add a @ character in front of a word to reference @people.

+1 Buy some eggs with @mom #market #grocery
Lunch meeting with @bob #meeting +1
+2 Watch Ironman3 with @bob and @fred tomorrow night #fun #movie
+3 Dinner with @jane tonight #fun

Keywords : Notes, Memo, ToDo List, Task, Priority Notes, Hashtag, Mention, Simple Notes

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