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+ By Kuldeep Varma and Goutam Gupta

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A chemical process is best understood with quantification of the process parameters. For example to decide propane vessel design pressure, one needs to know propane vapor pressure.

This Calculator enables users to calculate:

Equipment sizing:
-Vessel sizing
-Vessel plate thickness
-Nozzle sizing
-Pipes for liquids
-Pipes for gases
-Gas control valve
-Liquid control valve
-Compressor power
-Pump power
-Fan power
- Agitator power

Component properties:
-Molecular weight
-Vapor pressure
-Latent heat
-K value (y/x)
-Boiling point
-Critical conditions
- Gibbs free energy
- Heat of formation
- Vapor specific heat
- Liquid specific heat
- Gas/vapor density
- Liquid density
- Liquid viscosity
- Vapor,liquid thermal conductivity
- K(Cp/Cv)

Mixture properties:
- K (cp/cv)
- Bubble pressure
- Dew pressure
- Freezing point

Unit converter:
- Length
- Area
- Temperature
- Pressure
- Mass
- Energy
-Specific heat
-Heat transfer coefficient
-Thermal conductivity
-Concentration units
-Volume rate to mass rate.

Each screen provides easy to use interface and instructions to calculate. Currently these calculations are in SI Units only.

Equations in this app are based on Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Publisher: McGraw-Hill.

This solution is also available on the web at

A must have calculator for personnel in chemical industry.

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  • (58 stars)

    by Ridwan Usman on 11/07/2013

    very good

  • (58 stars)

    by Vivekanandan Theagarajan on 10/04/2013

    I have been using it extensively for last 2 months. I hardly found any error in the results in every parameter including mixture properties. Works based on Penng Robinson fluid package and Lee Kessler EOS. Many times I use this in place of Hysys as the

  • (58 stars)

    by A Google User on 28/09/2012

    This seemingly nice set of applications suffers from the lack of documentation as to the sources of the data and calculational methodologies. Just a listing of the references would be helpful. The database for the individual components is surprisingly c

  • (58 stars)

    by Hor on 03/03/2012

    Request developer to include the reference and equations. Else it will be useless to perform engineering calculation without basis. It would worth 5 star if the mentioned features is provided.