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    This application is useful for manufacturing plants working in the field of food extraction. In production plants, seed quantity as much as 1000 quintal extraction per day is normal. Seeds are collected from different farms. Before starting production, estimation of output oil quantity is conducted on samples collected from the seeds brought to the plant. This estimation happens in a lab within the plant. Lab test estimates yield by performing end to end processes on the samples collected.

    Android app developed by us would help the plant in tracking input quantity of raw material taken to the lab and output quantity produced in the lab. App will compute the yield of the production run by taking actual input quantity of raw material that is going to be processed in the actual production environment.

    We have also developed following applications to help manufacturing industry.

    Feeding app
    This app will be used in the plat where raw materials for extraction will be loaded into the machines. Quantity of input materials (weight or liters or any applicable measurement unit) will be fed to the system through this app. Operator would be able to enter quantity of output material as well which can be fed to next level of app. This will help in tracking quantity of materials passed among various machines involved in end to end processing.

    Supervisor app
    Supervisor app will be provided to supervisors/managers in the plant. Supervisor will have permission to view status of various machines; quantity of materials fed in the input and came out after processing, any down time etc. Additional features to be captured during requirements gathering.

    Plant view app for CEO and MD
    This app is exclusively for top level management of the organization like CEO, MD, VPs etc. This will enable user to get a concise view of the process happening in plants located in several geographical locations. This will be an android application for mobile phone which user will be carrying while in transit, at office or home. (Feature needs can be captured during detailed requirements gathering).

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