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Pushbullet - SMS on PC's review


PushBullet eases getting links, files, pics and notes on and off your phone

  • Original app concept
  • Ease of use
  • Runs smoothly
  • Desktop-mobile integration
  • Can't push files from mobile to desktop (no notifications, although shared files can be accessed from desktop)

"In a jiffy"

This is one of the most useful apps you can find on the market. Period.

What does it do? It pushes links, files, pics, notes and lists between devices. It may sound as something that you can already do with other tools. However, it makes it way easier.

Imagine you are surfing the web on your desktop PC and you find an interesting pic you'd love to share from your phone using your favorite messaging app. What would you do?

You'd have to e-mail the picture to yourself or upload it to Dropbox (or similar) or save the link to Pocket and download it to your mobile device.

PushBullet beats that. If you need to share simple text notes, To-Do lists, pics, links or files between desktop and mobile devices (or between your tablet and your smartphone) push them with Pushbullet. A notification will show up immediately and you'll be able to access the resources from any device.

Obviously, you need to sign up with a Gmail account and then sign in with that account in all your devices. You can send resources from desktop computers from Pushbullet website and using its Chrome extension. Highly recommended app.

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