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Read and create QRs for everything

  • Fast and easy to understand
  • Different types of QR code you can generate
  • You can choose the color of the QR code
  • Camera scanner is precise
  • You cannot generate QR codes from images

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"Mobile scanning"

You can do basically two operations with QR Droid: Scan and create QR codes.

Scan any QR code from your camera, read from a image saved in your SD, scan from a Internet URL or from your browsing history. The camera scanner works properly and brings you quickly to the QR code content. Especially useful to get links to the Android market to download apps.

Create QR code containing contact info, URL, phone number, calendar date, notes, current location or sms. But what we found especially useful is the creation of QR code for app, in order to share them easily. You may also create QR codes from your computer from http://qrdroid.com/generate and keep them into your Android. You can choose the color of the QR Code you're generating. You cannot generate QR from images though.

QR Droid icon-based interface is easy to understand. The camera reads really fast the codes and the app shows its content quick and properly. It allows you to share your QR code in all the ways integrated in your phone (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc). What's more, if you use to create a specific kind of QR code, you can place a shortcut of it in the desktop screen. QR Droid is available in more than 20 languages.

QR Droid has been developed by DroidLa an emergeing developing company focused on QR apps. QR Droid has become its main success.

Despite more type of QR code could be generated, QR Droid is one of the best tools to create and scan QRs. It does what it has meant to be. For that reason, we truly recommend it.

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