Quick Note

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    Have you been looking for a handy Notepad,Sketch-board cum Thesaurus that stays with you always ?
    Would you like to jot down your appointments whilst talking on phone ?
    Looking for a quick and easy way to pen your shopping-list ?
    Do you feel that other notepads are sticky,slow,complex,in-adequate or full of Ads ?
    'Quick Note' is the answer for you.
    'Quick Note' is by far the Simplest,Lightest,Fastest,most Effective and reliable notepads in the Market !

    Product Features
    * Absolutely no Ads !
    * Simple, Light, Fast, User-friendly and Easy to install and use.
    * Options to Add, Edit, Prioritize, Delete, Retrieve, Save, Track, Import, Export, E-Mail and Store.
    * Built-in Sketch board for quick raw sketches with store option.
    * Geared with an Automated speech enabled Thesaurus!
    * Designed for quick multi-purpose use.
    * Non-flashy and cool to the eye.

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