QuickMark Barcode Scanner


QuickMark Barcode Scanner's review


Scan barcodes with ease using your mobile device

  • Quickly and efficiently scan bar codes
  • Don't have to square it
  • Bookmark your history
  • Talkback reader malfunction
  • Didn't write to external storage

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"Know All Prices At All Times"


Are you looking for a bar code scanner that will allow you to discover new items in the aisle? QuickMark Barcode Scanner scans a ton of different formats. It has a lightweight design, a small footprint and a useful design. You can also use it to share business cards with people. It's usefulness makes your time at the store more productive.


QR Code Scanner scans the barcodes quickly and efficiently. It has the ability to scan a number of bar codes. Doesn't require you square the code properly, which increases its usefulness. Being able to bookmark your history is a nice touch.


Doesn't work well with some talkback readers. It didn't write to external storage as it says it should.

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by William

Feb 05, 2016

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