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With over 10,000 happy customers across the globe already, RAY app is world’s very first complete communication support system specially designed for all users in need of a simplified smartphone experience.

Originating in the world of the visually impaired, RAY has created a new kind of smartphone navigation, drawing its inspiration from keypad usability.
The RAY navigation fits the screen to the user’s touch, re-positioning the menu around the user wherever they touch the screen, making discovery remarkably simple and easy to use.

Replacing the traditional click interaction with simple touch and directional swipe gestures to access almost all the functionalities of your Android device, RAY app has literally changed the way you see the world.

Key Features
Eye free user interface: Communicate and do things with simple touch and swipe gestures in no time.
Remote Assistance: Fully automated backup and restore of all the system functions and over the web management of device features including remote device identification.
Telephony Services: Voice operated features like making calls, call history, read out of names and numbers of incoming calls.
Messaging Services: Voice operated messaging service including SMS, Email and Whatsapp.
Contact List Services: Store and dial contacts and favorites with quick access technology. Manage your contacts on RAY or from either the app or our website.
Online Audio Books and Magazine Subscription: Seamlessly connect to our online library, download audio content and listen anywhere.
And a whole lot more: More value added services such as GPS Navigation, currency recognition, color identification, time and alarm clock applications, scheduling, Voice recorder and Notes management system.

The arrival of RAY app has literally given thousands of users a new RAY of hope that changed the way they see the world, for good.

Come be a proud member of project RAY and open up your communication channels like never before.

Access our online support portal at: http://support.project-ray.com

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