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If you want to record your favourite recipes and manage the recipe cost along with it, The Recipe Card app is an easy to use app for you.

The Recipe Card app enables you to record your favourite recipes and organise your kitchen supplies in a convenient manner. It also helps you to set up a kitchen budget and manage your grocery shopping with ease. An Ingredients sheet is provided along with recipe cost, a shopping list and a recipe method sheet.

The Ingredient Sheet helps you in keeping a track of the ingredients which would be required for your recipe. Provision has been made to record the quantity of the ingredients.

The Recipe Cost Sheet enables you to manage your kitchen budget, by bringing focus on the quantity and cost of the items. It also calculates the total cost.

The Recipe Method Sheet lets you to keep a track of the steps involved in the recipe. Provision has also been made for you to enter notes in the “Notes” section.

The Shopping List Sheet is provided so you can manage your groceries in an organised manner. The sheet also provides a checkmark feature, which lets you highlight the items that need immediate attention.

We have added simple sharing capabilities like email for the sheets to help you to make the efforts a collaborative endeavour. We hope you find our simple app productive and would like to hear your comments.

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