The mobile application “Registru” is meant for interactive promotion of the services offered by the State-owned Enterprise „CSIR „Registru” by using simplified methods of information access. Thus, both physical and legal persons have the possibility to verify the following data:
    1. Identification number of physical person (IDNP);
    2. Identification number of organization (IDNO);
    3. Check document status on the basis of issued documents:
    - Passport of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova;
    - Identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova;
    - Passport of the stateless person;
    - Identity card of the stateless person;
    - Residence permit of the foreign citizen;
    - Driver’s license;
    - Vehicle passport (machine readable).
    4. Verification of transport means based on held documents:
    - Vehicle passport (machine readable);
    - Temporary vehicle passport.
    5. Search for namesake.
    6. Check the cost and availability of the license plate.
    Besides the possibility to verify data, the application also allows to visualize:
    1. List of territorial offices of the State-owned Enterprise „CSIR „Registru” (working schedule, address, positioning on the map, contact phones, list of rendered services:
    - Territorial offices for population documentation;
    - Territorial offices for documentation of drivers
    - Territorial offices for registration of transport means.
    2. List of services rendered by the State-owned Enterprise „CSIR „Registru”:
    - Population documentation;
    - Drivers’ documentation;
    - Documentation of vehicles.
    3. News.

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