Regular.Do is a program for those ones who notriously forget their household duties. It's smarter than an organizer and the timer won't restart until you hit 'task done'. No more need to remember when you've cleaned your bathroom the last time, no more overflowing liter bins, no complaining friends or roommates anymore.

The advanteges of Regular.Do are obvious:
★ All open tasks are ready to your hand.
★ It's impossible to defer and forget anything.
★ Never mind which task is on due today.

Regular.Do helps reminding:
★ Cleaning the bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, car, ...
★ Watering and fertilizing flowers (even those in the stairway)
★ Empty garbage cans
★ Replace tooth brush
★ Loading the laundry
★ Do some sports
★ Make a hard-disk backup

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