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Creating a strong password that you can remember is a bit of a stretch; doing it for all your work or personal activities, is just about impossible—unless you use "Riddler Password Safe"

The Riddler is incredibly easy-to-use, completely free without limitations, so you get to enjoy it.

All data is securely encrypted using the SHA-256 bit and encrypted via AES-128 bit algorithms.
It is encoded using a one-way algorithm, making it impossible for any recovery tools to decrypt your data.

Available in 10 languages (growing) used by more than 100k users Worldwide!

The Riddler is completely FREE and is mostly appreciated for its awesome features: enterprise-ready, easy to deploy, centralized vault, Active Directory sync, automated PW resets, fraud detection, and it can keep all your identities, logins, and credit card information secure.

The (Free Version) is 100% FULLY FUNCTIONAL: the in-app billing feature is only for backward compatibility and NOT USED anymore.

If you are looking for the Pro (AdFree) version please check

Available in other languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How it works:

1. Choose a master code

The first time you run the app, The Riddler will ask you for a master secret code, the only one you will have to remember, that will be used to access to the Riddler's database.

2. Enter your information

Unlike many others, we didn't make it complicated: just enter your account info: user name, secret code, website, notes, choose one among 7 predefined categories. That's It. Everything you save will be stored with strong encryption, safe from prying eyes.

3. Access your data

Whenever you need, all your data is a tap away from you, stored securely on your smartphone. Just log into The Riddler and browse your info. Enjoy the quick search , copy to clipboard, go to website function and many others. From the main screen, you will be able to access to backup and restore options as well as the export function and more.



Available in 10 languages, easy, immediate use, no learning curve. Ultra-fast search function with category and real-time updating text filter on names, usernames, and notes. Copy to clipboard function.


Protected and encrypted with one-way SHA-256 bit encryption algorithm. Data encryption and decryption with 128 bit AES algorithm.


Database backup and restore on file. Export decrypted database to the text file. Backward compatibility of newer versions.

All data is encrypted using an SHA-256 bit and AES-128 bit encryption algorithms. Master key is encoded using a one-way algorithm, making impossible using a code recovery tools to decrypt your data.

Main Features

- Application is protected by an encrypted master key code
- Data encryption and decryption (encrypted with one-way SHA-256 bit encryption algorithm)
- Ultra-fast encrypted search
- Copy to clipboard function.
- Database backup and restore.
- Export decrypted password list to text file.
- Master password reset and change function.
- Categories, search, copy and paste functions for ease of use
- Backup and export feature

More to Come

- Import From Competitors
- Two-Factor Authentication
- Portable Edition
- Export Data
- Automatic Passwords Capture
- Automatic Passwords Replay
- Fill Web Forms
- Multiple Form-Filling Identities
- Actionable PW Strength Report
- Website Menu Of Logins
- Secure Sharing
- Digital Legacy

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