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Have you ever been in an unpleasant situation such as your mobile phone ringing while you were in a meeting or in any other inappropriate situation? This application helps you to put an end to these embarrassing moments.

This application can readout the different calendars on your cell phone and change its mode according to your appointments. Depending on the selected calendars the cell phone switches to silence at every event so that an incoming call is unnoticed by other people. When your appointment is over the phone switches back to the mode you had before the appointment automatically.

Furthermore the application is able to switch the cell phone to an individual loudness (or mute) for a period you can define. When the period is over the original settings are adjusted again. Therefore it is possible to silence / mute the cell phone for 2.5 hours for example when you go to the movies. You won’t have to remember to switch on the ringtone again.

Additionally it is possible to silence the phone depending on weekdays. Therefore you can e.g. switch off the ringer during the night from Su. to Fr. from 10pm to 6am but leave it untouched on Fr. and Sa.

• Silence / mute or just vibrating alert at calendar events of the selected calendars
• Definable loudness (or just mute) for specific periods
• Display in status bar if application is running in the background
• The remaining time of the definable loudness or the selected calendar is shown in the status notification
• High speed operation because of the simple user interface
• Autostart of the Background Service
• Activate / Deactivate of notifications
• Nightmode and Timemode (e.g. Silence during night depending on weekdays)
• Ignore events depending on availability, privacy of the event
• Recognises a user defined keyword in the event title of a calendar entry and adjust app behaviour accordingly
• Now Multi-Calendar selection possible and you can also select a contacts whitelist for important calls which you have to hear.

• Of course "READ_CALENDAR" data is necessary for the function of this App.
• “RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED” is necessary for the possibility to auto start the App.
• "READ_CONTACTS" is necessary to be able to select the adresses for the whitelist.
• "READ_PHONE_STATE" is necessary to recognise which number are calling to compare it with the whitelist.

If you have suggestions for improvement just send me a mail:

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