Saved by the Bell - FAKE CALL!



Fake a call either by setting a timer or shaking your device!
This is the most featured app in the market for faking calls!
This call faker app has several features which make it the best fake call app in the market:

1) Support for all popular Android screens (HTC, Samsung and other Android devices)

2) Add your fake call to the Call Log

3) Playback a recording when you answer the fake call

4) Proximity Sensor option to make sure the call looks like a real call (when you put the handset close to your face, the handset' screen will turn off)

5) Customize caller image - Choose from your gallery or your contacts and crop it to your liking!

6) Shake to fake a call (just like fake me out of here, but free!) or time your calls (just like fake-call me pro!)


8) Post-call screen added for free! Easily add a calendar event / send a text / call back and more!

This call faker app is brought to you by Great Android Apps. Please feel free to email us with questions or suggestions.
Fake your calls with style and quality to avoid awkward situations!
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