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Gingerly is the first "location-aware" expense tracking app. It remembers your expense locations. Now scan receipts and file expense reports, straight from your mobile device. If you are on a trip, you can easily generate an expense report and email it right from your phone. Via its innovative location sensing technology, Gingerly remembers the places you visit often & reminds you the next time you are there to enter your latest expense, making expense entering intuitive and easy. Gingerly will soon become your trusted receipt scanner and organizer: you only need to scan your receipts and it organizes them by date and business.

If you are a business traveler who needs to file expense reports, or a small business owner who needs to keep track of receipts for Tax Season, we've got you covered.

Gingerly expense tracker app's unique features are:

◆ Intuitive entering of expenses: Location-based service detects where you are, all you have to do is enter the amount.
◆ Take a picture of your receipts which are then associated with the physical location of the expense
◆ Generate expense reports (currently PDF only, CSV coming soon) and email them from the app
◆ All your expenses and receipts stored on your device
◆ Proximity notifications when you visit that business again, clicking which you get to see all expenses and receipts you've entered at that location
◆ Set monthly budget and then allocate it across multiple categories using our unique slider-based UI
◆ Gingerly remembers the businesses and the time when you visit them. So if you forget to enter an expense at a business, you can do so easily when you come back home. Just start typing the name of a business, and we'll autocomplete the business name, and tie that expense to the exact location and time when you were there.
◆ Privacy aware: all your location info always stays on your device and never reaches our servers.
◆ Backups: We always backup your expense information and receipts, to save you from accidental deletion of data on your device. We are working on a feature to allow you to restore data back on your phone, in case you lose the data on the phone or change devices.
◆ Small app size, only 5 MB unlike most competing apps
◆ Best of all, Gingerly is FREE. You only pay if you need to file an expense report.

◆ Upgrade to Premium Version to get unlimited expense reports and you can also turn ads off.

Gingerly works great for various types of users:

◆ Those who "forget": Our smart ambient sensing algorithm notifies you right when you are at the place of purchase, removing the need to "remember" to open the app then or later. Before building Gingerly, we'd tried all the personal finance management apps:, Lemon, Expensify, however, never ended up using them since we'd simply forget to open the app.

◆ Frequent business traveler? Gingerly discovers & remember your favorite venues (airport lounges, car rental, hotels, restaurants) and prompts you as soon as you reach that venue to enter your expense right there.

◆ Shopoholics: Next time you are at a store to return something, open the app, and Gingerly will show you all your receipts neatly organized by date for that store. Note that some retailers may not accept a scanned receipt. No problems, we are bringing the capability to print the receipt from your phone in an upcoming release.

# Support:
Gingerly is a product borne out of several months of hard work. We deeply care about helping people save money and achieving their goals. If you love the app, please do review it, so others can discover it too. If you have any bug reports, please do contact us via email ( or twitter (

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