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Do The SCANdango!
Barcode Data Assistant
One Cool App When it Comes to Barcodes!

A BDA with the Power of Simplicity.

The list is long as to what you can do with this app.
BDAs (Barcode Data Assistants) are necessary in todays world. Barcodes are everywhere, and now, with SCANdango BDA, where ever you go, you'll get the answers when it comes to barcodes.

Barcodes contain valuable information about products, delivery tracking systems, loyalty card discounts from favorite places to shop, business cards, contact information, websites, text and more. Scan any barcode for quick, easy information look-up and for quick easy recall. Share Your Scan With Another.

SCANdango BDA is equipped with its own QR Barcode Generator so you can create your own QR barcode containing information that could say just about anything you want to convey through QR barcode technology. Also, this exceptional app is equipped with its own QR Contact Generator. Make your own QR barcode conveying important contact information about yourself so others can scan your QR barcode. You can even make one for someone else and send it to them via text or email.

Capture barcode information quickly with the "+One Touch Scan" feature. All scanned items are saved automatically and named with the 'scan results' for easy future recall. If you choose to "+Add Barcode", you will be asked to name your barcode before the scan. Either way, you're capturing the barcode along with its information for easy recall and for easy sharing.

Loyalty Cards
No more bulk. It's all in your Smartphone.
Free yourself from the bulk of "Loyalty Cards" from your favorite merchants. Simply scan your loyalty cards into SCANdango BDA and the next time at the register, recall your store barcode to be scanned by the cashier.

Fast tracking answers to every package you've sent out.
Ebayers! This app is for you! Scan your outgoing packages before they are picked up for super-fast merchandise tracking. Anytime. Anywhere. It's easy and it's fast!

This app is Perfect for Trade Shows and Expos!
Exchange Contact Information Quickly!
Create QR a VCARD, MECARD or Direct Links to your business website. Superb for exchanging information at business trade shows and expos. Either way, you've got fast phone-to-phone information transfers along with super fast look-up. That's Big!

This app will handle it!
SCANdango BDA handles SMS QR style barcodes with ease. If the scanned QR barcode has SMS instructions, SCANdango BDA is programmed to recognize the SMS instructions and immediately send your text message. Handy.
SCANdango BDA also handles other types of QR instructions such as placing a call for you. QR Barcode technology is growing and the possibilities of commanding your Smartphone to act upon a scan are practically endless.

UPC LookUp
Look it up! Scan the linear barcode on any item for more information, reviews and where you can buy any product.

Do the SCANdango, and get immediate answers when scanning or accessing saved barcode information.

It's handy and its fun to share the things you find interesting out there in this world of barcodes. Enjoy.

SCANdango BDA. Get it!

* One Touch Scanning

* Shopping - Loyalty Cards

* Recognizes SMS from within QR barcodes

* Create QR Business Cards for Fast Contact Info Transfers

* Supports VCARD and MECARD formats

* UPC Look-Up

* Built in QR Generator

* Built in QR Contact Generator

* Create Web Short Cuts

* Create SMS Presets

* Easily Upload to Facebook

* Text or Email Barcodes to Others

* QR barcodes

* Linear barcodes

* Delivery Tracking Solutions

* Captures item Information and saves it for easy future recall.

* Share contact information

Ebayers, enjoy super fast tracking information at your fingertips. Scan everything before it goes out for super fast access to tracking information

Scan from phone-to-phone for fast and easy data exchange

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