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JaredCo delivers again with this screenshot app : Screen Grabber – the totally flexible screen capture app that lets you share your screenshot with anyone. Simple. Easy. Useful.

And 100%FREE.

With this screenshot app, send a map or directions to your best friend with a couple of clicks. There’s nothing quite like Screen Grabber and free is always good. Real good.

• With a single click take a screenshot of your Android screen. Tap. Done.

• Email that screen shot to anyone, anywhere, any time. JaredCo makes sharing your screenshot simple.

• Screen Grabber stores all your screenshot captures in a new picture file called Screen Grabs. Want to see you contacts list from a month ago? Easy if you grabbed a screenshot of that important client’s phone number. It’s in the folder labeled Screen Grabs, right where we put it for you.

• Want to send a map or directions to your technically-impaired friends? It doesn’t get any easier than click to take the screenshot and send with Screen Grabber.

• Take a screenshot of photos, maps or even a screenshot of other apps.

Pictures, app icons, maps, tools, contacts, addresses – no matter what’s showing up on your screen, Screen Grabber stores it in one place so you don’t have to fumble for what you need now.

And best of all, Screen Grabber is totally free so it costs you zip.

Screen Grabber CallerID feature for unknown number identification. This feature will show Call information during/after calls and you can fully adjust it to your preferences. Enable / disable or configure the CallerID at any time in the settings menu.



Take a screenshot on the Galaxy S4, S3, or Note 2 using a hand swipe:

1. Open Settings > Motion.
2. Scroll down and find Hand Motion, then Palm Swipe to Capture, and tick the box.
3. Close the menu and shape your hand like you are “chopping” the screen, set your hand on either side of the screen, then horizontally swipe across it – it doesn’t matter which way. If you’ve done it correctly, you should hear the camera shutter and receive a notification that a picture has been saved to the gallery.

Another way to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S4, S3 or Note:

1. Pressing the Power and Home buttons at the same time will also grab an image of the screen. This can be awkward to get right, so it’s important to remember to press both buttons at the same time, and hold them until the shutter sound is heard.

Both these methods also work on the Samsung Galaxy Notes as well, and the second method is also applicable to the Galaxy S2.

Take a screenshot on other Android 4.2+ devices:

1. Press the Power button and Volume down key at the same time. Remember to hold them until you hear a click or see a screenshot sound. This works on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Google Nexus 7 tablet and should be the first method you try on an Android device. Remember to hold both keys down at precisely the same time, and hold until the shutter clicks.

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