Secure Vault Lite



Gain access to all your private information (passwords, credentials, files etc.) with just a few touches!
Your sensitive data is stored in an encrypted file on SD card.

Key features of this application:

● It does not require INTERNET ACCESS permission (your personal data can't leak into the net - warranty is 100%)
● It contains no advertisements of any kind

● Your data is organized as a tree (with unlimited depth)
● Data cards may contain any number of fields of various types (strings, numbers, passwords, URLs, emails, phone numbers, timestamps, files)
● Predefined templates for most frequently used data cards (web site access, credit card credentials) are available right from the start
● Data card templates list is fully editable

● All user data is encrypted with well-known and trusted AES algorithm as a single solid block
● You may choose required cypher key length for AES algorithm (128, 192 or 256 bit)
● If you have lost your master password, there is no way to access your private encrypted data other than trying all possible password combinations
● Every day this program automatically creates backup copy of your data (you may select backup depth in settings)
● You can restore all of your data from backup copy in case you accidentally deleted something important or your physical storage (SD card) was damaged
● If the program looses focus (another program is launched, a phone call is received etc.) you must re-enter your master password to access your private data
● It supports automatic data synchronization with your Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive account (via separate “Secure Vault Sync” package, disabled by default)

● Application interface is designed to be operated by the thumb of one hand
● Large custom keyboard lets you quickly and easily enter even complex master passwords
● Standard Android keyboard to enter master passwords is also available
● Ability to unlock application with PIN code
● Ability to unlock application by drawing your personal graphic key
● Screen rotation support for more effective usage
● Tablets (pads) and devices with non-standard screen proportions are fully supported
● Three interface themes to choose: dark, medium and light
● You may print all your private data on paper (in structured form) and physically store it in secure place
● Built-in floating interface hints for newcomers
● Built-in random password generator (it is able to produce pronounceable passwords)

Important note: graphic key is sensitive to order of connected points. Draw your key EXACTLY as you have set it up before!

This is a free version. It has some limitations:

■ You may not store more than 10 data cards
■ You may not restore all your personal data from backup file on any compatible device
■ You may not print all your data cards on paper to store it physically in secure place
■ You may not export your data cards to CSV files to import them into other applications
■ You may not efficiently use built-in customizable password generator
■ You may not customize icons for data cards, groups and templates
■ You may not use automatic synchronization with cloud services

Paid version without any limitation is available as a separate “Secure Vault” package.

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