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SecureIT is in-depth mobile antivirus, security, and anti-theft protection with industry-leading antivirus and web security technology. Detect the latest threats and get alerts direct to your device whenever you're hit with bad content, malware or phishing schemes. With SecureIT, you never have to worry about browser security or installing new apps.

Try our Free version to activate anti-theft protection, then upgrade to the Premium version through the Google Play Store for just $11.99 per year to unlock all the anti-malware and web security you’ll ever need!

Features include:

• Anti-theft features protect your device form loss or theft.
• Remote Locate - Find your lost phone using built in geo-locating functions
• Remote Lock - Can’t find your lost or stolen device? Use the remote lock function to disable it
• Wipe Your Device - Think your device is stolen? Use the wipe function to completely erase your data, protecting your identify and your personal privacy
• Theft Alarm – Sends a piercing alert tone to the device that sounds even if it’s on silent mode

• Protect yourself from malware and security threats that are all too present in the Android environment.
• On-install App Security- Scan for threats on new application downloads in real-time
• On-demand App Security- Manually scan your entire device for threats at any time
• App Audit - Keep track of app permissions, monitor which apps attempt to access sensitive data or billable device functions like text messages and phone calls
• Web security - Ensure all the sites you visit are safe, and receive security alerts for mobile web pages containing malware, phishing and fraudulent content
• Event viewer keeps a log of your SecureIT activity
• Application Lock - Lock your applications to prevent unauthorized access

• Won’t slow your Android down - In-the-cloud scanning technology doesn't drain battery or slow down your phone
• 24/7/365 live customer support based in the Midwest

We know it’s a hassle when you lose or misplace your phone! Free anti-theft and find my phone features let you remote locate, lock, wipe and send an alert tone to help protect you from thieves and bad guys… or just a forgetful moment. Easily recover your device, keeping your personal information safe and secure.

And SecureIT Premium does its heavy lifting quietly, protecting your phone from leading malware and viruses, which are increasing dramatically each year. Our industry-leading antivirus features let you scan your phone at any time with on-demand scans, and automatically ensures your new apps aren't bringing “unwanted visitors” Into your phone or tablet. Web security provides quick warning if you accidentally browse onto phishing or fraudulent sites. SecureIT’s mobile security is done with in-the-cloud scanning technology, preserving your battery and processor speed.
Visit our website at for our full Getting Started Guide, How-To Guides and Frequently Asked Questions.

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