Set Goal + New Year Resolution



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“The Hidden Power Of Setting Goals”
Quick run through of its Table of Contents
The Importance of Cause and Effect
The Process for Making Your Wishes Come True

Step 1 – Make Your Wish
Paying the Price
Presenting Your Wish

Step 2 — Make a Plan
Brainstorming a plan
The Limiting Factor

Step 3 – Take Action
Taking the First Action
Forming New Habits
Taking Time to Succeed
Getting Help from Others
Step 4 – Never Give Up
Wish Destroyers
The Myth of Self-Discipline

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To your success in life, Team

Do you want to achieve a better life in the future? Do you want to set a goal but you don't have any idea how to start? Do you need expert tips and advice in setting your goal this new year as you resolution.....

Then this **Set Goal & New Year's Resolution** APP will help you set your goal this New Year. There are a lot of things you can learn with this app like expert tips and advice, quotes and a lot more. All that you need to be have a better goal and how to achieve your goal is inside this app.

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This app includes articles and tips:
- What is goal setting and the importance of goal setting? Personal Mastery Principles
- What is New Year resolution and New Year revolution?
- Goal Setting Theory in general and goal setting theory of motivation
- Some goal setting tips will give you some suggestion of smart goal setting
- How to set a goal in an effective manner in personal life. Goal setting worksheet and template to help you with goal setting activities
- How to set and achieve goal in work
- Funny New Year Resolution
- Funny New Years Eve Quotes and Jokes
- Goal setting Quotes and Images
- Goal setting for kids. Read this to know more!

With a Special Case Study which will show you how a Guru and Expert set his goal. Free Short and Sweet Guide with a worksheet for your own use is just one click away.
- Play Puzzle with funny cat New Year resolution and Funny Goal + Test your memory with Memo Game while Enjoy all the FREE apps help you with the top 30 World’s Most Popular Goal
and much more....

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May your goal set and achieved in this coming year, Team.

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