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This app allows you to send texts at preset days and times. It also allows you to set up groups of people for mass texting without having to scroll through contacts over and over.

Examples of uses:
Set birthdays and anniversary dates , never forget to send text again. Great for clients. (great tip for sales people , ask for anniversary of your clients marriage enter it in and the client will always think year after year you care and pay attention)

Are you a security professional? Need to keep in touch with your team of PPS agents? Set up groups and keep everyone in the know on your principals movements without sending ten texts ,or the events of the evening.

Sales people:
Stay in front of your customers with a weekly text with specific info on products. Set your groups for the information you want texted to that client group.

Now for the techie description:

Text Scheduler is a simple application for automatic text sending within the chosen contacts from the phone contact

****** Main features ******
*All the scheduled text queued up (in Message Queue) on the dashboard of the app in the ascending order.
*History tab shows the sent text queued up in the desending order
*Password protected (can be enabled and disabled from settings tab).
*Save Sent message history for # of days as specified in the settings (can be customized from the settings tab).
*24 hours format supported (change to 12 hr format from settings tab).
*Recipients selected through phone contacts, entered manually, from the message log etc.
*Multiple recipients can be chosen
*Recipients can be grouped together and then chosen by selecting one or multiple groups
*Flexible scheduling system
*When the schedule text executed(job), a notification is generated to let user know some event took place, (app notification can be enabled and disabled from the settings).
*Sent text can be configured to have delivery status for the text sent.
*History of sent and delivered messages is available

************** USAGE *************
On the main screen, you see information about scheduled text dispatches (in the form of a job queue in asceding order).

Every entry/job in the list has associated recipients, dispatch time and date with a colored red/green circle.

Red indicate the job scheduled not configured completely (there are some field left empty during creating a scheduled job)

Green indicates the job scheduled configured completely and will be delivered as per the scheduled.

You can edit every entry just by Tapping on it. To add a new entry uses a button on the right top (+) of a main screen. This will open up the four step wizard to configure the text, recipient, time and summary of the configured job (Or text) respectively.

At last step (4) On Tapping on the Red/Green button on the right corner button, will add up the new job into the job queue in the main screen.

Again Red indicates, the job scheduled not configured completely (there are some field left empty during creating a scheduled job)

Green indicates the job scheduled configured completely and will be delivered as per the scheduled.

You can specify as many recipients as you want just by selecting the checkbox against each one of them, or you can select all by Tapping on the list item and selecting all the contact by marking all and adding to recipient list.

To see a status of dispatched scheduled queue entries and deliveries, press on the left corner button (H) on the main screen

Every entry in the list specifies a recipient, original date and time and text sent, and status of the whole operation ("Sent" or "delivered" means that everything went well and delivery report received or "unknown" means the delivery not received).

In case of any issue please email me at
uninstalling and being frustrated does not help anyone.Please email us and we will provide the highest level of customer support to get you up and running fast.

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