Share.Do is a shared task of collaborative management application, which application you can put your schedule, target, plan, wish to share with your friends, colleagues, family, while the use of performance statistics to enhance the enthusiasm of all the work, and we can plan a better future together through the efforts of everyone.

Do you need your family division of labor? Do you want to tell your lover that it did not do anything very perfect? Do you wish your friends to attend a fitness program and encourage each other to complete it? Do you need to hard work with your colleagues and find out the best man in the team? That is Share.Do!

Share.Do can be based on different content to set up different projects by sharing way to know the project what we are doing and what you want. At the same time statistical number of objectives to complete for all. If you use it you can through the consciousness of competition and encourage each other to promote our common goals.

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