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Shift Worker by TaulApps is a calendar app for rotating shift workers. If your schedule repeats, this is the only app you need. Easy to setup and use. Keeps track of appointments and events. Makes it easy to schedule vacations, doctor appointments, dinner dates, etc. See what you are working on any day in the future within seconds. Your shift rotation updates automatically!

Added upcoming events/notes home screen widget.

Continuously scrolling calendar, with a jump feature that allows you to quickly move to any date in the future.

Active home screen widget displays 1 week of your schedule. No need to open app to see what you are working for next 7 days. Also, add and view events from widget.

Displays common off-time for up to 4 different people, based on a rule set by you. This makes planning vacation with family and friends fast and hassle free.

Add up-coming appointments and events to the calendar with ease. An alarm can be set for each event, with 3 different notifications: audio, vibrate and blinking led (depending on phone). Alarms can be "snoozed", repeatedly up to the time of the event.

Clearly displays vacation, holidays and paydays.
There are no gimmicks or icons. All working hours are displayed in a concise, readable format.

Great for everyone including: police, firefighters, nurses, transportation, hotel, military personnel, public safety, utilities, manufacturing, construction, and spouses of shift workers.

* Setup Wizard
* Cloud database backup/restore
* Home screen widget displays you schedule for next 7 days.
* Continuous scrolling calendar
* Shift rotation is only entered once.
* Unlimited People. Quickly switch between their schedules.
* Shows actual hours worked each day.
* Displays common "off-time" between up to 4 different people.
* Keep track of up-coming appointments and events.
* Add simple notes to calendar.
* Alarming w/snooze on appointments and events.
* Displays your paydays, vacation and holidays.
* Create your own holidays.
* 9 different date display formats.
* Display time in 12hr, 24hr or military format.
* Quick jump to any date.
* Simple to use.
* 2 view options, "Calendar" and "List".
* No clutter. No Adds.

IMPORTANT! Look at Shift Worker Pro!If you want:
* Smart alarming (automatic alarms based on shift and day of week)
* Overtime
* Sick time
* Shift icons
* Display custom text instead of hours
* Auto event sharing between devices
* Color coded shifts
* Manual shift entry
* Split shifts
* Email schedule and events
Look at Shift Worker Pro!

Taul Apps is dedicated to providing you with a pleasant user experience. So, let us know if there are features that could improve this app, and they may included in future updates.

If you experience any problems with Shift Worker, please email us directly at:, and we will be glad to help you.

Please don't leave unfavorable comments without allowing us a chance to fix any issues you have with Shift Worker.

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