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Essential and intuitive calendar for shift workers, with shifts, notes, overtime, wage, reports and recursive alarms. Organize the work shift or your appointments with a few clicks, setting all the alarms you need.
Also use it to remember to get your pills and know at a glance when your cycle days will comes ... or keep track of your favourites TV series with dedicated alarm!

Each day of the calendar can be configured with the color of the related shift, and will have a customized alarm-clock that will always ring at the right time. Also you will able to set-up wage per hour for overtime work and regoular shifts.

Use the REPORT function to have a record of your wage, with percentages, totals and average pay.

Guitar lessons, gym, Fridays with friends, Saturdays's aperitif, the university programs, TV series ... you will always have under control all the days of the month, every day with it's own color, description and alarm-clock dedicated to your activities or business.

Get one or more alarm note per day, send an SMS or email automatically when a note alarm plays, including related image, set cyclic pattern to set-up a whole year of shifts, and customize background and calendar colors.

- Available languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French and German (send me your suggestions for a better translation).
- 2 Widgets ! one with current week and one that shows the entire current month. Both with shiftwork infos, overtime and notes.
- Calendar with notes and shifts: every day is colored with its linked shifts with their own related ringtones
- Salary and overtime management
- Notes with images, location to link to GPS and phone/email address to automatically send it to someone.
- Repeatable alarms
- Report with shifts usage, overtime and wage informations.
- SHARE functions to send your shift configuration and notes to anyone
- A deactivatable notification icon with infos about next shifts and notes

- Basic and intuitive, with large icons and shortcuts for navigation and data entry
- Help pages with simple topics Index
- Unlimited number of notes for every single day
- Unlimited number of shifts
- Free selection of the color of each shift
- Selection of the first day of week (Monday/Sunday) in calendar
- Fast shifts assignment system
- Create a shifts pattern applicable cyclically to few days or years
- Automatic deletion of old data
- A "Quit" command able to completly deactivate the Alarm function
- An Alarm window with power off / snooze, which is still visible in order to read the note content
- Send SMS or Email automatically when a note alarm plays
- Open Google Maps for a note with an address
- Customizable ringtone of each shift and notes
- Starting page is selectable: menu, calendar, notes the day
- Background color customizable at will, with shading or plain color
- Editable alarm snooze time
- Animations and tips are deactivable

Authorizations and reasons:
- Edit/delete memory contents: needed to manage database and screenshots files
- Access to internet: license, developer message system, bug report, Cotakulabs homepage link
- SMS: to send a note sms or email automatically (you must activate it from both app settings and note page)

Contact me for any bug or question. ll do my best to satisfy your demands.
NOTE: if bugs or crashes occurs, please send a message to or use the Crash/bugs report menu function.


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