Silent Night




    Don't let your cell phone disturb you, enjoy a Silent Night.

    Have you even been awaken in the middle of the night by a wrong number? Have you ever received a text message at 3am trying to sell you something? Do you wish to never again be disturbed at night by your cell phone? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then Silent Night is just what you need.

    With Silent Night you'll never forget to manually turn down the volume on your phone because it is automatically done for you. Use Silent Night to mute the volume on your cell phone each night and then restore it the next morning.

    Still need to be interrupted by important calls? Not a problem with Silent Night. Maintain a list of priority contacts which bypass the automatic silencing feature to ring your phone like normal. Allow your priority contacts to either call or text you, the choice is yours.

    *** Disclaimer: Silent Night works well for the vast majority of people, however a very small number have reported having problems. Failure of the Priority Contact override of Silent Mode is the most common problem that sometimes occurs on certain devices. Please be aware of these limitations when using this app.

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