SilverPwd is a new way to store your password. If you are like us you might have a few passwords you use between all your accounts. But sometimes you wonder which password you used for which account.

There for we think its better to connect the passwords with the accounts instead of the other way around which other password apps does.

Enter the password you want and add all the accounts you use this password for to it.
This could also work the other way around, if you have one email connected to many accounts you can type your email instead of your password and connect accounts to it. However people who knows your email and has access to your phone could enter it and see connected accounts.

First time instructions:
1. Enter desired password
2. Select add
3. Confirm your new password
4. Enter name which the password is linked too, eg. Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin

(you should see a circle with the name gliding around)
Password is now saved.

Add more my clicking add more - enter new name.

To view this password's connected accounts in the future enter it in the first screen. If its saved the circles will appear.
To add more passwords with accounts follow the first instructions again!

To delete a password:
1. Enter password in start screen
2. Select Delete
3. Confirm

To delete account connected with password:
1. Enter password in start screen
2. Select circle with account you want to delete
3. Select delete

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