Simplator Pro



Simplator Pro - Simple utility calculator that computes commonly used calculations e.g. salary, mortgage, amortization, discount, age, percentage calculation, number conversions (binary, decimal, hexadecimal), CGPA, GPA/SGPA and amount per quantity.

No matter what you do in your daily life, Simplator Pro has functions that you will find handy!

* Easy to use Interface.

* 60+ calculations.

* No advertisements.

-> Calculations distributed among 4 Categories

Academic: Calculate CGPA, GPA, SGPA and Marks percentage

Financial: Calculate Salary, Mortgage & Amortization

General: Calculate Age, Discount, Amount per Quantity

Math: Calculate Percentage, Number Conversion, Measure Conversion

-> Number Conversion supports conversions among Binary, Hexadecimal and Decimal

-> Measure Conversion supports conversions with builtin Length and Weight

Length Calculator
1. centimeter (cm)
2. feet (ft)
3. inch (in)
4. kilometer (km)
5. meter (m)
6. millimeter (mm)
7. mile (mi)
8. yard (yd)

Weight Calculator
1. ounce (oz)
2. pound (lb)
3. gram (gm)
4. kilogram (kg)
5. ton (ton)

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