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    Simple Notepad is a notepad app that gives you a quick and easy note taking experience. It's not only simple and easy to use but also comes with many features: checklist, widget, reminder, password protection, search, picture attachment, share, and more!

    v1.9.7 beta

    ✔ Checklist
    ✔ Password
    ✔ Protect app launch and note/checklist using device security feature (PIN, pattern, password) for lollipop+
    ✔ Reminder
    ✔ Widgets/shortcuts
    ✔ Widget customization
    ✔ Convert note to checklist (lines -> check items)
    ✔ Attach pictures from camera and gallery
    ✔ Search and sort
    ✔ Share
    ✔ Color title
    ✔ Read-only mode
    ✔ Upload to popular cloud storage services
    ✔ Auto/manual export to SD card
    ✔ Import .txt from SD card
    ✔ Archive deleted items
    ✔ Add to Calendar
    ✔ Pin to status bar (sticky reminder)
    ✔ Folders to group notes/checklists
    ✔ Send data to Google Cloud Print (experimental, download Simple Notepad Cloud Print Addon to enable it)
    ✔ Custom Fonts (copy .ttf files in $sdcard/simplenotepad/fonts)
    ✔ Local clipboard to insert frequently used texts and timestamp
    ✔ Customizable font and background
    ✔ Clickable links (url, email, phone, and map) in read-only mode
    ✔ Character/Word count
    ✔ Voice input

    If you have questions, please mail me instead of using the review comment. FAQ is available in the settings.

    Export/Import are not Backup/Restore. When you export a note/checklist, its text content is saved as .txt file 'without' meta data like color, priority, folder, etc.

    Setting password does not delete exported notes. If you don't want to keep them, delete manually.

    Moving app to the SD card disables widgets. Android does not support widgets from SD card. Moving hides shortcut icons too on reboot.

    Chinese (simplified) - Cye3s
    Chinese (traditional) - Ensign Lau
    Croatian - Cvita
    Czech - rizla, Zbynek Krivka, and DuckDaffy
    Farsi - Farid (oveishasanpour)
    French - Yozil, anonymous user
    German - Reiner Südding, Andre Ramnitz, Frank, HB9KNS, Michael and anonymous users.
    Italian - Giovanni Aneloni, Emanuele Brown
    Japanese - anonymous user
    Korean - 허선영, 김희재, 정성엽, Hoyeon Cho
    Polish - Karol Bieńkowski, Argail
    Romanian - Cristian Savin
    Russian - Oleg Avilov, anonymous user
    Spanish - Yamil
    Swedish - Mattias (removed as of v1.8.9)
    (in case your name is missing, please let me know)

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