Simx Remote Control



Simx Remote is a tool to control your PC computer from the phone

Allows to control: Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, VLC, Winamp, just your desktop, etc.

Main features:
- Mouse and Keyboard emulation (including Mouse Wheel)
- IP based communication
- Multitouch support (Mouse drag’n'drop, Ctrl+C, etc)
- User-definable layouts (BRE format)

Before first use:
1. Install RemoteDesktopServer on the PC (find the link below)
2. Open the port TCP:8899 on the PC if any firewall is installed
3. Run RemoteDesktopServer on the PC (add to autostart to have it always run)

Win32-compatible server:
Go to
and click:

How to use:
1. Install and run RemoteDesktopServer on PC machine
2. If the WiFi is available: Make sure WiFi is running on the phone
3. If the WiFi is not available: Ensure the port 8899/TCP is available from the Internet (redirect the port in your LAN router if needed)
4. Run RemoteDesktop tool on the phone
5. Set correct IP of the server
6. Click Connect
7. Select layouts you want to use
8. Click Run
9. Follow screen widgets to control your PC

Remote Desktop controlling:
- to move the cursor: drag the finger over the screen or tap once
- to zoom in/out – use two-finger zooming or use side UP/DOWN buttons

Known bugs:
1. Administrator’s privilege request dialog is not displayed on the screen
2. Phone's hardware keyboard not supported yet

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