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The mobile portal for home video monitoring, automation, and interactive security for users of CMS SiteControl.

Key Features:
• Alarm Control & Status
• Z-Wave Home Automation Control
• Full 720x1080 HD Real-Time Video Streaming
• Camera Control
• Energy Management
• Custom Notification Settings

PLEASE NOTE: This app will only work if your account has been set up and configured via CMS Site Control website first.

The SiteControl Mobile Application is designed to deliver complete control over the automation of your security system, as well as your in-home devices. Customers can pre-set specific ‘Scenes’ which customize a range of devices to be turned on or off with one command.

--Main Menu--

Key Features:
• Access to all of the offered components
• Slick design with quick navigation

This screen gives you the option to navigate to the various controls & settings for your system.

• Alarm System
• Scenes
• Live Video
• Automation
• Thermostat
• Energy Management
• Video Archive
• History
• Settings

--Alarm System--

Key Features:
•Quick access to activate Arm/Disarm functions

The Alarm System screen allows you to Arm and Disarm your security system, as well as view Zone and System Status.


Key Features:
• Preset Combination of Actions
• Multiple Amount of ‘Scenes’ can be created

The ‘Scenes’ screen allows you to activate any combination of devices that you created via Online End-User Portal. For example, you can set up a ‘Scene’ that turns off all the lights in your house, turns off your thermostat, closes your garage door, closes the blinds & locks the doors.

--Live Video--

Key Features:
• Full 1280x800 HD real-time video display
• Evening Infrared Mode
• Ability to activate ‘Scenes’ and view live automation
• Pan/Tilt functions for camera movement

This feature allows you to view ‘Live Video’ at any given moment throughout the day or night. With our technology you have the ability to view Full HD 1080P in real-time! No more jagged video with slow video refresh rates. You will be able to accurately view what is going on, in HD.


Key Features:
• Complete Device Control

Automation is a great feature that allows you to control any device that you have connected to your system. It allows users to easily interact with; manage and control their home or business in real time.

Z-Wave Device Control Examples:
• Doors (Lock/Unlock)
• Blinds (Open/Close)
• Lights (On/Off and Dimmer)
• Appliances (On/Off)
• Garage Door (Open/Close)
• Fans (On/Off and control speed)

Anything that can be plugged in can be controlled!


Key Features:
• Group or Single thermostats
• Current temperature
• Set temperature
• Mode (Heat/Cool/Off)
• Fan (Auto/Circ/On)

Whether you have multiple or single area thermostats, you can view the current room temperature, set the temperature or adjust the mode or fan settings, directly from CMS Site Control, Inc Mobile App.

--Energy Management--

Key Features:
• Manage and monitor energy consumption

Energy management allows you to manage & monitor energy consumption throughout your premises.

--Video Archive--

Key Features:
• Securely Stores Video Recordings Offsite
• Allows Playback & View at Anytime

The ‘Video Archive’ allows you to go back and see clips which were recorded from your existing camera feed(s). Within the ‘Video Archive’ you can see which area was recorded, as well as the date and time it occurred.


Key Features:
• Displays Alarm History
• Displays Notification that Occurred

The ‘History’ section gives you an overview of events that have occurred in the past. Not only does it show you the date and time the event occurred, but it also shows you the exact notification that took place (Dispatcher, Email, SMS).


Key Features:
• Set Push Notifications
• Adjust Video Settings
• Customize Notifications

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