Smart Quick Settings




    Smart Quick Settings is Quick setting application.
    Simple operation, fast and easy to set up the Android framework.

    ● Features of Smart Quick Settings

    ○ Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi can be turned on or off.

    ○ Mobile data
    Mobile data(3G, LTE) can be turned on or off.

    ○ Bluetooth
    Bluetooth can be turned on or off.

    ○ GPS
    GPS can be turned on or off.

    ○ Airplane mode
    Airplane mode can be turned on or off.

    ○ Ringer(ringtones)
    Ring tone can be turned on or off. (sound or silent)

    ○ Vibration settings
    vibrate or sound can be turned on or off. (vibration or sound)

    ○ Screen Auto-rotate
    Auto-rotate screen or fixed screen can be turned on or off.

    ○ Screen auto brightness
    Brightness can be set manually or set the screen brightness automatically.

    ○ Auto sync
    Auto sync can be turned on or off.

    ○ Tethering and Mobile hotspot
    Tethering and Mobile hotspot can be turned on or off.

    ○ Screen Timeout
    Can be easily change the screen timeout.

    ○ Language
    Can be easily changed in a variety of languages​​.

    ○ Date and Time
    You can change the auto sync with a time server, change Coordinated Universal Time, date / time format, such as changing

    ○ Backgrounds
    You can change the standby screen Wallpaper or Background Wallpaper (current)

    ○ Battery info
    Shows the battery charge rate and battery temperature. Shows when the unit is charging, charging information.

    ○ Device info
    Shows the device informations.

    ○ Task Manager
    Running the Smart Task Manager

    ○ Application Manager
    Running the Smart App Manager

    ○ File Manager
    Running the Smart File Manager

    ● Auto On-Off Schedule

    Auto On-Off Schedule is the following items.
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Sound, Screen brightness, Auto sync and Screen rotation.

    ● Settings

    Set the status bar

    ● Home screen widget

    (4X1) Smart Quick Settings - 1
    (4X1) Smart Quick Settings - 2
    (4X2) Smart Quick Settings - 3 (New)

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