Smart SMS Blocker



Block Spams,Viruses,Harmful,Junk and Unimportant SMS.

You have a Smart Phone But your Phone is not smart enough to block harmful and junk messages.

Make your phone more smart with this app.

This app automatically detects the Spams,Harmful messages and Blocks Them

More Features:

* Blocks all Junk,Spams, Viruses,and Harmful Messages.
* Block SMS containing particular keywords(like Indecent Keywords).
* Block 1 or More Particular Contacts.
*Block by Series.

You can see all the Blocked SMS in Logs and also the Reason why the particular SMS is Blocked.
You can Move a Blocked SMS to Inbox.

If you think that A particular SMS should not be blocked you have an option "Do Not Block SMS Like this"

See The ScreenShots

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