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    Now the power of writing, managing and looking after your task is in your hands with Smart ToDo app.To match up with the pace of the others you need to be motivated towards your work. You need to pre define and schedule your everyday tasks. Your pre planning leads to better results. Not writing down your task causes tones of trouble and slows down your working and process of completing tasks.

    Smart ToDo is available for android users to enjoy and have fun while they manage their daily tasks in a defined way. You can easily interpret things you want to do and keep a check that you get those tasks done.

    Smart ToDo is pre loaded with a set of different functions. It’s easy to add your tasks and then keep a check on them. Today, Overdue, Future and No Date are the types in which tasks are categorized. By tapping on each of the following, the screen would display you those task according to the category. They would show you the tasks according to the dates. Some tasks that are written without any date mentioned are in No Date.

    You may choose any date to schedule your task with Smart ToDo. Some tasks are much important and some carry less importance. So priority levels are available in Smart ToDo to set the priority of your task. It may be Low, Medium or High. This would remind you how important a task is for you because a priority always comes first. You can also set your tasks according to different types. Business, Plan, Home and Travel are the four types for setting up your tasks. Your android phones lets you manage and enter task at office, home and during travelling with Smart ToDo.

    Smart ToDo also lets you edit and remove your tasks which have been once entered. This thing keeps on increasing your managing strength. As your goals are achieved you can remove those tasks. Smart ToDo is indeed helpful in many fields of live from younger to elders, students to businessmen. A pre planned day of many tasks with Smart ToDo lets you complete the day efficiently and keep a check on your achieved goals.

    So be the first to get Smart ToDo app on your android phones and start managing your tasks in a more appropriate and planned way as Smart ToDo is the best way to pull of your daily tasks.

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