SMS Blocker



Super Artificial Intelligence to detect Spams, Junk Messages, Harmful messages , Virus Scripts and Block them.

Protects form Harmful, Malicious and Phishing text messages.

* Block By Contacts.
* Block By Keywords.
* Block By Series.
* See the Blocked SMS and Move them to Inbox (If Required)

Trust List: You can prepare a truest and add the Sender whom you want to allow to send SMS for Ex. l SMS from your Bank are important , So you can add your bank in Trust list.

Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox.

Full control on All features:

* Option to get Notification when SMS is blocked.
* Option to delete the Logs automatically.
* Option to off the Spam blocker.
* No limit on number of Block/Allow list entries

Easy to Use and Understand.
Adds free.
Great Support.

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