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SMS Recon (or Xxxx Xxxx Xxx , camouflage for the application) is a Complete , The Best Anti Theft , Anti-Lost Application avaible on Android ,
this application will be very helpful for Lost or stolen phones . This application can also be used as an application of Assistance, Notify, Report Your Position with Simply 2 clicks the Widget With a Custommized Message, Military Camouflage , you can Also use it to Monitor Childrens, the Application look like a Text Editor .

Features :

✪ 3 Methods of Location (Network One(NOne), Network Two(NTwo), START GPS(GPSY)) (Reply to the SMS Sender) ✪

✪ Droid, Call Me Now(DCMN) : Request to your Phone to Call You (in Speaker Mode - Reply to the Sender) ✪

✪ Factory Reset(FR) : Wipe, reset to Factory Settings, deletes all your Contacts , apps (Warning : SMS Recon will also be Removed) ✪

✪ Play Sound(SY) : Plays a Powerful Alarm Even if HeadSet/Cask is Connected ✪

✪ Listen SMS(LSMSY) : Will Listen for Outgoing/Incoming SMS Message , All SMS Sent and Received will be sent to your Emergency Number/Emergency Mail Adress uses Stop Listen SMS to Stop this Mode ✪

✪ Backup SMS(BSMS) : Backup All SMS , Call Logs , Contact, Calendar(If Available) & Browser History ✪

✪ Listen Pics(LPY) : In this mode, When a picture is taken, a notification is sent and the picture taken is Sent to the Emergency Mail Address ✪

✪ Take Pic(TP) : Take a Picture Using the Frontal Camera or Rear Camera ✪

✪ Record Audio(RA) : Record Audio Using Microphone, Duration 15 Min. , Record Audio 5(RA5) , Duration : 5 Min. ✪

✪ Record Call On(RCY) : Record Call Using Microphone , On Android 3.0+ a Special Technique is Used to Cancel Noise, Better Quality ✪

✪ Pics Call(PCY) : Take 4 Pics When in Call ✪

✪ Remote Shell On(RSY) : Remote Shell , Run Command , File Manager Etc ... Rooted user can Run Root(Adb) Command ✪

✪ Widget to Report your Status in 2 Click with a Custom Message (Optional) ✪

✪ Detect if Sim Card has Been Changed or Removed and Send you a Notification SMS to the Emergency Number you have Set if No Sim Card is Detected , Defcon Mode is Enabled ✪

✪ ITS Mode On (Audio Mode Possible , Look Website ): Tracking Mode , every 40 Mins a Custom Report is made , Look Website for more Infos ✪

  **** DEFCON MODE ****


Defcon Mode is a New & Unique Feature that will be Useful if your Phone get Stolen , or Lost , When you Enter SMS Recon in Defcon Mode , the phone Behavior will be :

✪ 20 First Minutes are Recorded Using Microphone ✪

✪ Notification sent when the Phone is Turned Off by the User or if the Phone has Rebooted ✪

✪ Monitoring Internet Connection(Wifi/3G) and Notify you when an Internet Connection is Avaible , if there is No Sim Card , Location Report will Start Automaticly when the Phone is Connected to Internet ✪

✪ Monitoring GPS Status , and Notify you when GPS has been Enabled by the User , if there is No Sim Card , GPS Location Report will Start Automaticly When GPS has been Enabled ✪

✪ Listen For Outgoing/Incoming SMS Message ✪

✪ Hide Pictures From Gallery ✪

✪ Clear All GMail Password ✪

Defcon Mode should be the First Command you Send if your Phone get Stolen/Lost .
Defcon Mode will also be Started if there is No Sim Card , Or by Pressing the Fake About Button .

** Do Not Start DEFCON Mode in a Non-Emergency Situation **

Note : Notification are sent to your Emergency Number and Emergency Mail Adress, Phone is in Alert Mode .

DEFCON MODE OFF(DMN) : Turn Defcon Mode Off .

**** DEFCON MODE ****

SMS Recon is an Anti-Theft, Anti-Loss, Monitoring App & More for Android, SMS Recon is Controlled by SMS: [Command Name][Space][Your Password] or By Using the Web Recon DashBoard.
Similar to Android Lost But Lighter, Better and Simple to Use, there is no any Background Service or Task, SMS Recon Work Only when you send a Command. By Downloading SMS Recon , you Agree with the Term of Use Avaible on Website
SMS Recon is the Best, Unique & Multi-Role App

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Recently changed in this version

✪✪ SMS Recon Version 4.0 ✪✪

✪ Bugs Fix > Take Pic(TP) : Take Pic will Now Take a Picture Even if Screen is Off ✪

✪ Improvements > Status(ST) : Cleaned & Simplified ✪

✪ Improvements > Backup SMS(BSMS) : Backup SMS Will Now Report Most Frequently Called & Stared Contact(s) & Calendar Events(If Available) ✪

✪ Improvements > ITS Mode(ITSMY) : Improved ITS Report ✪

✪✪ Advice to the Recon Users, CELB will Continue his Work, 4.1 is in Progress & will be adapted for Android 4.4 KitKat, Thanks ✪✪

Comments and ratings for ✪ SMS Recon ✪
  • (61 stars)

    by cassiee alannah on 19/02/2014

    Doesn't work! Wast of time and won't Unistal wouldn't even give it a star!!!!!!!

  • (61 stars)

    by Tha' N.I.C. on 19/02/2014

    I need this app off of my phone so I can get new service thank you.

  • (61 stars)

    by Rosanna Rodriguez on 08/01/2014


  • (61 stars)

    by Joseph Fejeran on 27/12/2013

    I used it (..and still do) on my two teenage girls, of whom, have fooled my wife, to validate my suspicions about the late night escapades. Wow! Let me just say, my babies are a lot more "Grown up" than even I'd expected. I'm almost sorry I used this app.

  • (61 stars)

    by Joshua Barrington on 15/12/2013

    I couldn't look at ur response to my last comment but if this app does everything in the details says it does it's the most amazing app everr I just don't kno how to send commands to my old phone and view wat info is available txt call web history or info from a different commands ....wat is the website I go to? Do I have to install the app on my phone to send commands and do I use my custom comma

  • (61 stars)

    by Landon Nation on 26/10/2013

    Flawless... Worked wonders with seamless integration and great customer support
    I've tried so many of apps from these categories and I wasn't very impressed, but the robust usability of recon worked wonders. It's a full service app, everything I was looking for is covered in this one very resourceful build. Will definitely watch for future releases.

  • (61 stars)

    by Rangga Satriana on 18/10/2013

    i recomend this aps..its importan if u lost ur phone or lefted somewhere u dnt know..so helpfull..trust me guys.. ;)