Snooze Giver



Snoozegiver generates income for your charity every time you set an alarm.

We are a fundraising solution for NGO’s, campaigns, and educational institutions. We build creative and sustainable applications that collect donations in a non-invasive manner.

• For the donor
• Easy to donate small amounts over time
• Easy to search for charities you care about around the world
• In depth information about charities
• Donation information and tracking
• Receiving perks and coupons from the non-profit
• Instant information sharing

• Access to millions of potential donors
• Ability to send information to supporters mobile phones instantly
• Ability to send push notifications
• Ability to send perks
• Ability to collect relevant donor data
• Ability to collect relevant donation data
• Each non-profit has a separate login
• Your non-profit receives donations for simply signing up
• Ability to secure advertisement revenue
• No cost to sign up or receive money
• Maximize donations by encouraging existing supporters to sign up and use SnoozeGiver or TextGiver

• Advertising page
• Profiles - all profiles show the organization’s contact info, donation details, image gallery and video.
• Social media connectivity
• Dashboard - donors can choose different activities such as set alarm, search for non profits, etc.
• Search - donors can search for their favorite non-profits by name, category, recently added and location.
• Instant donation - the donor can make an instant donation from a non profit’s profile page using PayPal or their credit card.
• Treasure chest- donors can donate to a pot of money that is distributed to all the charities and non-profits signed up to Datorem at the end of the year.
• Favorites - donors can add, delete or view their list of favorite non-profits.
• Donation settings - set donation amount, donation notification amount, donation cap, add credit or debit card details
• Payment settings - credit card (Visa or MasterCard) payment method
• History of donations tracking
• Perks - send perks, coupons, tickets, links to giveaways to users instantly through app fronted and backend
• Push notifications - send push notifications directly to the screen of your supporter
• Advertise with us - advertise directly on your profile and collect revenue
• Contact admin
• Sponsors - sponsors can register to sponsor a non-profit on the app or advertise and non-profits can view a list of sponsors who are supporting them and purchase their contact information.
• Modify profile - non-profits can enter their contact info and upload photos and videos to their galleries.

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