StatiCal -- The Statistician's Calculator

A comprehensive 88-page User Guide can be downloaded from:

StatiCal combines a complete RPN scientific/engineering calculator (math, log, exponential, trig, hyperbolic, factorial, gamma, etc.), with a set of common statistical probability integrals (normal, chi-square, Student t, Fisher F, binomial, Poisson, Weibull) and their inverses, exact binomial and Poisson confidence intervals, combinations (nCr) and permutations (nPr), and transformations (log-normal, Arc-sine, and Fisher-Z).

StatiCal also performs a variety of statistical tests:
* straight-line regression and correlation analysis;
* multiple linear regression;
* correlation tests: r≠0, r1≠r2, with confidence intervals;
* descriptive statistics (count, mean, standard deviation) of up to 100 numbers;
* Student t tests: 1-group, paired, unpaired equal-variance and unequal-variance (Welch);
* one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA);
* normal-based confidence intervals for mean and for coefficients obtained from multivariate regression tables;
* normal-based tolerance intervals;
* analysis of 2x2 cross-tab by chi-square, Yates, and Fisher Exact tests;
* calculation of 30 parameters derived from 2x2 cross-tab, with their confidence intervals: odds ratio, relative risk, kappa, overall fraction correct, mis-classification rate, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values (PPV & NPV), difference in proportion, number needed to treat (NNT), absolute and relative risk reduction, positive and negative likelihood ratios, error odds ratio, Youden's J, number needed to diagnose, Forbes NMI index, contingency coefficient, adjusted contingency coefficient, phi coefficient, Yule's Q, equitable threat score, and information-theoretic parameters (entropy, H(r), H(c), B, A, C, similarity, and distance);
* chi-square analysis of M-by-N cross-tab;
* analysis of ordinal-variables cross-tab;
* McNemar's test;
* chi-square goodness-of-fit tests;
* Bayesian credibility analysis.

StatiCal provides operations to manage the stack and two separate memory registers. You can exchange data and results with other Android apps using the Android clipboard, and (with other freely-available clipboard-synchronizing software) even exchange data between StatiCal and Windows, Mac, or Linux programs like Excel.

StatiCal is a "reverse Polish notation" (RPN) calculator, like the HP scientific calculators. If you're not familiar with RPN calculators, be sure to look at the User Guide before trying to use the app.

The StatiCal app and User Guide are completely free. The app contains no ads, is not time-limited or a "evaluation" version, and is not copy-protected. It is the full app; there will not be a separate "Pro" version.

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