stuffido is not a calendar. stuffido is not a simple to do list.

    It is a todo list for people who generally have more than seven items in their todo list. And it is hard to estimate the duration of these tasks.

    stuffido tasks ask you to pick a time of the day when you are likely to do a task. For example, picking up grocery is likely to be done in the evening. Preparing for a presentation might be done in the morning or night. Instead of bogging you down with a big list of todos, stuffido only shows you tasks based on time.You can even put tasks for weekend, which will only show up on weekends.

    stuffido tasks are not binary. That is done or not done. They can have in-between state. Instead of showing you that the task is incomplete, stuffido tells you how much of that task is complete. You can even see all the tasks you worked on any given day.

    Lastly, you can only have 42 active tasks in stuffido, maximum seven in each of the time slots. Everything else goes into LATER. This is to help you focus on stuff you can do now.

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