Sunshine (Media Hub, no cloud)



Sunshine is a Media Hub that allows you to play and manage files stored in other devices. Open and play your videos, music, photos and documents from any device.

No download, no limits and no cloud!

Sync Devices: Open and play videos and images stored on other devices. Instantly, without downloading and in the original quality.

Cast to TV: Play from your phone, computer or tablet to your Smart TV or DLNA supported device.

Manage Files Download and move your videos, images and other media files across your devices. Compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad y Mac) and Windows.

Transfer Big Files You can also send big media files to your friends with no limits in size or file number. Your friends can stream the shared video files without downloading.

Case Studies

- "I want to access and play video files stored on my PC from my phone”. Now you can play your favorite TV series, without downloading, while you are lying on the bed. Open your computer videos from your phone / tablet with Sunshine app and press play! You can also cast your videos to Smart TV or any device that supports DLNA.

- "I want to send a big file to my friend but messaging apps are too slow and email doesn’t allow me." Sunshine is not cloud based so the file transfer is direct, you will see the speed difference! Send large files between any devices without size or file quantity limits. In seconds, your friend can preview the files without downloading and then decide which ones to download.

How to Use

1. Install Sunshine on all your devices.
2. Login with the same account on all your devices to sync.
3. Select on “My Device” the device that you want to access.
4. Open the media files of the selected device without downloading.
5. Play files with Sunshine video player and cast on Smart TV.
6. Add your friends and share and transfer files with them too!

Media Player Characteristics

- Devices: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and Windows.
- DLNA player: We support DLNA devices, which includes most modern Smart TVs. There is no need for additional devices or cables.
- Subtitles: Add and edit subtitles and stream video files.
- Video and audio formats: avi, mp4, mov, mkv, m4v, wmv, mp3, flac, m4a, wav, etc.
- Codecs: h264, h265, x264, xvid, divx, quicktime, ac3, aac, dts, etc.
- Compatible with WiFi Speakers.

Privacy and Security

Sunshine uses P2P technology to transfer files between devices. As Sunshine is not a cloud-based system, any outside hackers can access and see your files. Your files are always stored in your local devices and never in the cloud. In addition, two separate and complex authentication systems block the access to unidentified users.

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