T-Counter Pro



A tally counter app. Perfect for counting laps, reps, customers, inventory, traffic, cigarettes or anything countable.

Pro Features
These features are available only in T-Counter Pro, the paid version of the app.
- No Ads.

- Widgets.
A 4 x 1 widget that shows the first four counters and the total of the first four counts.
A 2 x 2 widget that shows a single counter that can be selected.

- Timer.
Single button to start and pause the counter. Long press the same button to reset. Keeps track of time even when the app is closed.

- Multiple counters for counting multiple items.
- Use volume button to count.
- Set initial and increment values for each counter.
- Sound and vibrate options.
- Option to keep the screen on.
- Remembers last counted value.

- Use fling gesture to switch between counters.
- Landscape view shows multiple counters.
- Multiple counters in portrait mode shown as a list.
- Left and right handed operation (Applies to the list view).

- E-mail counter data

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