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TabletBilling is a simple to use time tracking tool. Our software makes it easy to accurately attribute billed hours to all of your different clients. In a fast paced office environment it’s often difficult to track billable hours while frequently switching back and forth between tasks, responding to emails, and answering phone calls from a variety of clients. TabletBilling’s software takes full advantage of the large touchscreen interfaces of today’s Android, iPad, and Blackberry tablets. Quickly tap the clock for the client you are currently servicing to attribute billed hours to a specific account. Enter time specific task descriptions to document your days work, enabling better communication of your services with your clients (voice-to-text input for task descriptions is available on most Android phones and tablets)

The Lite version of TabletBilling does not save or export task data. If you like the app, but need this functionality, please visit for customized options.

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