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A digital logbook from button taps. Create a well-formatted log entry in literally two seconds. A limited set of charting options allows you to explore your data. (DEMO VERSION AVAILABLE)

1. What to log

Keep track of Weight, Exercise, Mood, Steps, Meals, Transportation, Baby Habits, or keep a simple diary or journal. Include quantities, ratings, or text notes. Create a button and start collecting information!

2. Tap buttons to create log entries with timestamps

(see example screen-caps) Set buttons in advance, eliminate time wasted typing and deciphering poorly formatted notes, the data is collected in a consistent manner. With home-screen widgets Tap Log is probably the fastest way to collect data on a handheld device.

3. Review the data.

Review log entries in a compact, well-formatted list, organized by category. Send the log as a simple e-mail message. Export CSV file to other apps (i.e. GDocs, DropBox) or to your computer to create reports, and make complex charts of your own. Tap Log has a selection Charts for users to explore their data: Histograms by time of day and day of week, Pie Charts by subcategory, and by the amount of time subcategories were the last category logged (a time-card pattern). Chart days, weeks, and months. Save favorite charts. Share charts via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

4. Fine-tune your data collection methods.

Use widgets to create log entries directly from the home screen. Easily edit buttons to make more categories (unlimited), create subcategories (limit 2), and add attributes you think would be helpful (i.e. rate each 'Restaurant' entry). Take advantage of your phone's features and log your GPS location with each entry.

5. Transfer Data to a new phone. (Instructions Below)

• Fast: Ditch the tiny keyboard!
• Organized: Avoid sifting through disorganized notes
• Consistent: Log a broad range of data consistently
• Flexible: record quantities, ratings, text notes
• Customizable: record exactly what you want to
• Exportable: Export to well-formatted CSV, or e-mail the log

• Business travelers, log and organize trip expenses, send report to a coworker as a simple e-mail message.
• Categorize your professional activities, ditch the bulky log book and create a comprehensive log of your accomplished tasks, modifying as you go.
• Tap Log as a Punch Card. Set up a category that contains a mutually exclusive set of subcategories covering all time (At Home, At Work, Driving, Misc.), and create a log entry when you embark on something new. When you chart the main category, you can find a pie-chart breakdown of how many hours each of your categories was the last category pressed! (great for tracking hours or projects at work, and a nice starting point for Quantified Self beginners)
• Log sporting events in real time (speed logging), reach logging rates upwards of 30 entries per minute.
• Create a simple text note in one button press. Create multiple buttons to categorize your text notes into 'Creative Thoughts', 'To Do List', etc.
• More examples at http://loggerlife.blogspot.com/p/example.html

Transfer Database from OldPhone to NewPhone:
1. On NewPhone, open Tap Log and export the DB
2. Locate the NewPhone TapLog directory (either on phone memory or SD card)
3. On OldPhone, open Tap Log and export the DB
4. Locate the OldPhone TapLog directory and copy it
5. Paste the TapLog Directory from the OldPhone over the NewPhone TapLog directory
6. Open Tap Log on the NewPhone and import the DB
NOTE: There is a bug in Android that may prevent the exported file from being visible (https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=38282) There will be a workaround in the next version of Tap Log. If you experience this issue, reboot your phone after all exports, and the file will be visible.

• E-mail: r.george.e.b@gmail.com
• Help & Manual: http://loggerlife.blogspot.com/p/data-structure.html
• Twitter: @TapLogger

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Comments and ratings for Tap Log
  • (74 stars)

    by rainerkaufhold on 08/02/2011

    After a long search in the market I finally found the great LIFE LOG, thanks!
    Good program idea, very expandable and versatile.
    A wish: variable language use (German ä, ü, ö etc.) and complete deletion of the log.

  • (74 stars)

    by michael.e.jordan on 06/02/2011

    It does what it is supposed to -- timestamp events and allow for storage of additional information. Being able to download the data in a csv file and do what you want with it is cool.

  • (74 stars)

    by Paul Chavady on 26/11/2013

    I'm loving this app so far, but I feel that it could benefit from more features for a price of $4. What I would hope for would include (and I would love to be shown that this exists already): - Sync with DropBox - Automatic weather/local info logging - Sync to an SQL database - A Tasker plugin - This requires more explanation, hence it being last on the list, but I would happily pay double for th

  • (74 stars)

    by Thomas Haverkamp on 20/11/2013

    I started using this app in the last days to log my life. The versatility of how you can log anything makes it very easy to log many items in different ways. The buttons can be moved within one submenu, which makes it even easier to use. It's the app I have been looking for for quite some time. Excellent

  • (74 stars)

    by Susan Jensen on 16/09/2013

    This app is exactly what I was looking for. I use it on a tablet at work to track how many pieces of pottery I paint per hour. I use it on my phone to track health issues - symptoms I am experiencing, what Meds I took etc. I also set up a category 'smoking' using the price of a single cigarette as the value to log - and it's helping me taper way down - because I can see very quickly exactly how lo

  • (74 stars)

    by Paul Kittson on 15/09/2013

    I am really enjoying this app. I love that I can capture data easily and and then mark charts in the app that I can export to other mediums. I do wish the export was more Google drive friendly. It is pretty clusmy converting the CSV to a spreadsheet but besides that awesome app. Please keep developing.

  • (74 stars)

    by Jace Robinson on 31/08/2013

    Excellent. Perfectly simple yet it's export to csv makes it a wonderfully capable app. I love knowing I can retrieve all this data and make more fine tuned charts on my pc. Only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because I feel it's still a work in progress. Several features are missing. Some simple customisation of the widgets and colors are vital as well as 1x1 widgets. And a way to build graphs