Tapmynote connects the capture and organization capabilities of Evernote with the convenience of physical NFC tags. Easily associate any note in your account with a real world NFC tag.

Tapmynote works together with Evernote to allow you to access your notes faster than ever before. The app helps you store links to your existing Evernote content to NFC tags – the contactless technology that has made the mobile wallet possible. After writing a link to an NFC tag, your note can be opened simply by touching the tag with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. Tapmynote makes it fast and easy to access your notes when and where you need them.

Key Features:
- Assign a note to an NFC tag in a few simple, straightforward steps
- Touch the tag with your NFC-enabled phone and the note instantly pops up
- The info stored in the NFC tag is encrypted.

The Tapmynote app was selected as a Finalist in Evernote Developer Competition! If you like Tapmynote, please consider voting for us using the "Vote Now!" link on the www.tapmynote.com website!

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