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Are you looking for a simple, easy to use app to organize your todo list? Try Task Jar! This app will help you keep track of your daily tasks, to-do items, and reminders.

With this app, you can:

- create, edit, and delete tasks.
- give each task a title and optional description.
- add tasks to categories.
- create and edit your own task categories each with its own unique icon (choose from 161 pre-loaded icons).
- set task priority to high, medium, or low.
- give each task a optional due date.
- set up a notification to display whenever a task is due.
- create a task without a due date, this way you can keep track of general reminders.
- view a monthly calendar with links to show you tasks that are due on a particular day.
- create a free shared Dropbox account with a group of people (family, co-workers, etc), and then, via Task Jar send and receive tasks from people in your group.
- synchronize your Task Jar task list with your Google Tasks task list (there is currently a limit of up to 5 syncs per day). Note: sub-tasks in Google Tasks will not show as a sub-task on Task Jar.
- view tasks in a particular category, or view all tasks at once.
- view your tasks sorted by due date, then by priority.
- mark tasks as complete. They will then show up at the end of your task list until you delete them.
- choose from 22 different task list color schemes.
- control the text size for your task list.
- email your task list.
- copy your task list to a new phone. This is done by backing up your task list to an external SD card, and then restoring it to your new phone.
- view the app in the following languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese (Traditional).

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